Sunday, 13 November 2016

Time to start a Journal Club!

New academic year, lots of new people just joined the group: perfect time to start a new Journal Club!...Or re-start? Has there ever been an Imaging Concepts Group journal club before?

Anyway, the idea to (re)start a group journal club had been around for a while, and in October Ross, Stuart and I (Chiara) decided to finally make it happen.

But no journal club comes without a blog! Or at least we say so, and so here I am, creating this blog, where I will keep records of what happens during our journal club events!

It's the first time I create a blog, so I'll probably spend the first weeks changing template and settings to see what I like the most. So far I've failed putting the picture I wanted as a background, and succeeded changing the text font and choosing colors for everything (2-1, come on, not too bad), plus, I'm confident I'll soon be able to upload pictures (very excited about that!).

About the ICG Journal Club:
We'll start by meeting once a month, on Friday at 1pm in Andy's office, and let's see how it goes! The first event took place last Friday (see next post) and next event will be at 1pm on Friday 9th of December, Andy's office (topic and papers to discuss still to be decided).

Ciao for now,
( people normally sign blog posts? well well, I think I like to :)  )

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