Thursday, 8 December 2016

Articles for tomorrow.

Sorry for not posting these titles before, I blame my poor organization this week to...Christmas coming soon, definitely. Let's see what excuse I'll come up with in January!
Anyway, better late than never, here are the articles that will be discussed tomorrow:

Levoy, Marc, et al. "Light field Microscopy." ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 25.3 (2006): 924-934.

Cai, Zewei, et al. "Structured light field 3D imaging." Optics Express 24.18 (2016): 20324-20334.

Cohen, Noy, et al. "Enhancing the performance of the light field microscope using wavefront coding." Optics express 22.20 (2014): 24817-24839.

P├ęgard, Nicolas C., et al. "Compressive light-field microscopy for 3D neural activity recording." Optica 3.5 (2016): 517-524.

See you tomorrow at 1pm, and in the meantime have a nice Thursday!

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