Wednesday, 13 September 2017

September Journal Club

Presenters: Tom and Chas;

Articles:  Tom with: Tomer, R., et al (2015). SPED Light Sheet Microscopy: Fast Mapping of Biological System Structure and Function. Cell, 163(7), 1796–1806.,  and Chas with:  Berndt, Frederic, et al. "Dynamic, non-contact 3D sample rotation for microscopy." bioRxiv (2017): 177733;

Where & When: Friday 15th September 2017, 12-1pm, Room 255 (reading room), Kelvin Building, U.o.G..

Hi all,
first Journal Club of the academic year coming soon! Chas and Tom will present two  papers on light-sheet microscopy, and we'll hear about magnetic fields holding Zebrafish (!!) and spherical aberration-based wave-front coding :)
Hope to see you all on Friday,

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