Thursday, 24 May 2018

Where & When: Friday 25th May 2018, 1pm-2pm, Room 323, Kelvin Building, U.o.G.;

Presenter: Ashley Lyons(Extreme Light Group);

Clerici, Matteo et al. “Observation of Image Pair Creation and Annihilation from Superluminal Scattering Sources.” Science Advances 2.4 (2016): e1501691. PMC. Web. 24 May 2018.

Hi all!

Journal Club tomorrow, with Ashley from the Extreme Light Group who will present one of their papers from a couple of years ago, to start giving us all a better idea of what kind of things their group works on.

We've never had  Journal Club in room 323 before, but I booked it from 12:30 to 14:30, so I'll go a bit before 13 to check it out and see if we can bring food there or not, and if not we can all go back to the ICG office for cakes & coffee afterwards. 

Hope to see you there,
Viva maggio e il sole,

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